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Three Career Stages: Protege, Peer, Mentor

Tommy Lim, OD, of Berryessa Optometry in San Jose, Calif., reflects on three stages of his optometric career. First, as a protégé, he benefited from the advice of more experienced ODs. Later, he sought and exchanged business knowledge from peer study groups involving other ODs at varied career stages. Finally, he is thankful to be in a position to share both clinical and business knowledge with younger ODs and to give back to a profession that has given him and his family so much reward and satisfaction.


BE OPEN. Opportunities to learn and grow arise at any time; keep your mind receptive.
BE INVOLVED. Being a member is fine, but you benefit more when you volunteer and lead.
BE GENEROUS. Sharing knowledge with others pays off in many ways.

Watch Dr. Lim on video here